Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Dust to Dust ...Alleluias in Lent!?

Lent is begun. Alleluia! (Except that some of us refrain from using Alleluia during Lent,) Many Christians "fast" from using the word until Easter in order to rejoice greatly as we celebrate the Resurrection.  And yet the phrase itself means "Hallelu  Yah"  in Hebrew,  or "Praise God" in English. Certainly we should praise God even more during Lent even if we refrain from that particular expression of praise. Lent offers us a time ot re-focus our lives on God. Hopefully as we do so we find many reasons to praise Him.

And perhaps we should look at our praise of others. I try to praise others for their work. Perhaps I can do more of that this Lent. We can seek opportunities to praise children for their academic, service, and athletic efforts. We can express admiration for courageous and sacrificial behavior. And we can intentionally praise God.

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